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India's World Champion Academy , was established by Prasad Erande , in the year 2015. Prasad Erande is the "GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD" holder with Title "LONGEST JOURNEY BY BICYCLE IN A SINGLE COUNTRY".It was setup as Non Profit organisation and a pioneering initiative by Prasad Erande, with the aim of a social responsibility of promoting the sport amongst underprivileged Youth in Maharashtra and to make more "World Records in Guiness Book" from India.

IWCA acknowledges that sports today play a vital role in all-round development of a human being and achieving excellence in sports has a great bearing on national prestige and morale. In order to meet the increasing demands of the changing scenario, National as well as International Government has taken it upon themselves to implement programs to promote excellence in sports. IWCA Sports Academy is an effort to attain this vision. Reach your goals and inspire your best self. At IWCA, emphasis is laid on scholastic excellence coupled with sports techniques and character building leading to success in life. IWCA firmly believes in providing holistic value based sports education that instills inner confidence, high self- esteem, and train and equip the youth to face challenges with self -assurance.

IWCA is an idea born of deep thinking with a long term perspective. It provides tremendous support to eager individuals for excelling their chosen sport. IWCA aims to be present throughout the journey of a kid from early stage movement to being active for life and for a persistent few even turning professional at a sport of their choice.

Our Sports



Cycle is a poor man's transport, hobby of rich man and medical activity for the old. In most of the cases, a child life starts with a cycle, two wheeled & tri – wheeled irrespective of his/her status of being from a rich, middle or poor family , hence, it may be mentioned that the cycling activity starts in the beginning of childhood and it becomes a sport at 10-12 years of age.

Cycling for all young people on the Island has now finally been brought together under the umbrella of the India's World champio Academy or 'IWCA'. Over the next three years the academy aims to build and deliver a structured cycle development programme that is both fun and inclusive to all ages and abilities. Our key objectives is to:
" Introduce cycling to youngsters as a form of recreation and sport and to assist individuals reach their maximum potential. "


Foot Ball

Enabling young sportspersons obtain a positive self-esteem through the improvement and advancement to a competitive level. Raising the physical and emotional prosperity of sportspersons through an improvement of health. Sustaining our team members with respectful, knowledgeable and proficient staff. Crafting and maintaining state-of-the-art amenities to accomplish our mission. Powered with a highly skilled management team that is consistent, fruitful, professional and collectively responsible to its sportspersons, staff and society.

Football is more than a game. It's a huge part of our lives. Whether you are part of a team, a fan or an entire community that loves the game, it is about motivation and style! Sports and games propose useful instruction about the significance of teamwork, training, passion, attitude, definitions of success, dealing with failure and having a sense of humour at the end of the day.



India, a land that wears its secularism as a badge of honour, does have one religion that is followed by one and all: Cricket. If you have to see a billion Indians with joined hands, prayers on their lips and a million hearts beating as one, do not look further than a Cricket match. The place this game holds, in the Indian subcontinent, is beyond words.

Cricket has a vast history behind it. The origins of cricket are obscure, and there are several theories on how it started. But in general, this game was introduced by British imperialists. Where ever they went, they took Cricket along. Cricket is an outdoor game that has maximum cerebral element. Just look up the rules of the game and you would realize the complexity and depth of this game. It is certainly the king of outdoor games just as chess is the king of indoor games.



Badminton is one sport we all have played since childhood. It is a simple sport which does not boast of too many frills and fancies. You require just racquets and shuttlecock and you are good to go. Looks can be deceptive. While it might appear simple, not many are aware of the fact that badminton is one of the fastest racquet sports. Those who excel in this sport, can hit the shuttle at a speed of 200 mph that can make even a red Ferrari blush.

It pays to take up this sport as it keeps you feeling well, strong, motivated, enthusiastic and young. It helps to ward off depression, anxiety, stress and increase self-esteem. It also helps in enjoying a better sleep in the night. With so many benefits under its belt, why wait? So get set and go and let that shuttlecock do the talking.


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